Instant photographs, 8.6x10.8cm; map online, since 2015.

Since Thursday 5th March 2015, we have been walking in Belgium with our instant camera (Fujifilm Instax 210). We have been walking and staring at the ground in search of the laughable Holy Grail.
Our eyes are in search of small items of various colours, commonly called chip forks, those, that are used for eating chips when we’ve bought them from the chip stall (when we prefer not to eat with our fingers).

With no itinerary planned, we drift into towns, moving away little by little from the centre, to find a small fork left in a corner of an ordinary street. As if it had decided to stop its journey at that exact place.
When we manage to flush one out, we take a photograph and note the exact location. We take just one shot, reinforcing the instant of one glance upon this insignificant object in its Belgian landscape.
We never pick up these little forks; we leave them where they were found. Does a tourist take with him the monuments and statues that he discovers?

These photos and the map, which accompanies them, are the only signs of any activity that may also be considered as a performative work. In fact, the hours of walking which precede the shot are an integral part of this project.

So with this map we invite you to follow our past and futures drifting’s.