Short film, 16/9, sound, 15'00", 2017.
Available in subtitled versions: Dutch, English, German, Russian.

The film was shot in Dunkirk throughout the year 2016, at the rate of one chip shop per month. Thus, so, the seasons pass, but also the hours because the chip shop filmed in January corresponds to the opening at midday and that of December to the closing in the evening.
It was not just the different architectures we liked, and our wish for this film was obviously not to show the best method for making chips. We wanted rather to show what might be considered uninteresting, the banality of nothing or rather that of the little, what we do not see, the calm, the silence, background noises, moments - those of sellers and then those of customers - the opening and closing of the chip shop... What really happens. Time.


Short film, 16/9, sound, 25'36", 2012.

This film resumes a one-year look at an old couple and their son cultivating the Victoria (variety of potato). Twenty six minutes where we follow them from the purchase of seed potatoes to frying the chips, passing by the planting, growth and yield of their potatoes in their family allotment situated in the suburbs of Dunkirk (France).